act: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused and still
will cause an exponential decline in various aspects of life, including book
sales for both established and non-established Authors. The Corona (crown) virus has invaded the world and chaired its global reign. Jobs are lost, social
freedom regulated due to the Corona reign, the list can fit into an

Moreover, the virus has snatched the crowns from
Kings and Queens of the universe; crowns of Writers. There is a way of living THROUGH
this pandemic, though; ways of keeping to our purpose of sharing whatever we
know with the world through books. The trick here is the change to which we
ought to adopt as Authors, so we may keep our voices audible to our target

Your Digital Space

If you are an author with no digital presence
at this Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) time, then you were not serious
about making your book business in the first place. Times have worsened now
that the COVID-19 has visited us, hopefully, the visit is not permanent. Your
digital space is your best bet to keep your book-selling business afloat and
flourishing. Professionalise your brand in all social platforms you have as a
brand, including your work (book).


In Touch With Your Target Market

The more time you spend in the marketplace
(with your target market), the higher the probability of you having sales to
your favour. Such is possible because the closer you are with them, the more
updated you are with their problems (your opportunity), and the more you can be
at service through your content. How do you keep in touch in such tough times?
Join their (target market) digital social platforms and keep your hands-on
their pulse.


Relevant and Be Creative

You can see that these solutions are in a set
sequence. You cannot do one and leave the other. You can only keep relevant
with your marketplace if you spend more time with them. After that, you can
align your content with their needs.

The creativity part comes in when we
must understand as Authors, that times have changed. We cannot only communicate
through text with our target market. We can use audios and videos as well,
moreover, we can sell more than a book. We can sell eBooks, Audio Books, and Videos
___ all in a digital form. Let us position ourselves by being
flexible with our book business.


4.       Keep Selling

The day you understand that your book is
business is the day you will understand that something as legendary as a book
requires someone legendary enough to keep with the times: be strong, be
strategic, and have faith. See, writing is business, which means it requires
your undivided attention for it to create the impact you want it to create, and
make the sales you have projected.

We usually think that things will be
a smooth sail once the book is out, which is unfortunate misinformation. A book
needs a plan, target, strategy, creativity, tenacity, and business mindset for
it to appear as legendary as it should be.

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